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  • Data Appending – The times are long gone when you only have to focus on filling loopholes that are present in your CRM. Effective interaction with healthcare providers is important that is possible when you have clean healthcare data. As an organization, you might not able to capture effective data but this is not the case with HC Data Solutions. We are solely here for offering you with healthcare data for empowering your every marketing effort incorporating practice affiliations, NPI, license status, email addresses and a lot more.
We help you by segmenting your audience by equipping you with adequate information with which you can view both dissimilarities & resemblances. Get hold of all those specific providers as you segment by hospital affiliation & specialty. This will help in delivering powerful messages to genuine healthcare providers.
  • Data Enhancement – Missing values, duplicates & incorrect fields are some of the data decay challenges that your organization’s data storehouse might come across. Now depend on HC Data Solutions for refreshing healthcare data for polishing every marketing procedure. Data enrich or enhancement solution is carried out via manifold channels like CRM, event data, inbound leads, etc. As you hit the most genuine prospects, you are able to focus solely on the advertising efforts. With data refresh, benefit from:
  • No hassles related to manifold data formats
  • Data Verification process leads to clean contact database
  • Fill gaps for targeting the correct audience
  • Data Standardization enables you to add extra fields
  • Data Wrangling – There is no doubt about the fact that how important data is, in terms of healthcare. In the similar way it can be dangerous if organizations’ data is complex as this will hinder the process of reaching to correct and genuine healthcare providers that ensure best patient care. Data is growing each day that has to be organized well for convenient consumption. HC Data Solutions are the industry leaders in offer data wrangling services that are
  • Utilized with preferred tools
  • Fabricated for business users
  • Extraction is done from web pages and reports
Data wrangling leads to offer accurate data to business analysts & stops the collection of unruly data. Data acquisition, data cleansing & joining data are the three steps that are followed for data wrangling.

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