Data Hygiene


NCOALink® Process:

Staying in touch with your existing customers and prospects is no easy task. Our National Change of Address Service (NCOALink®) makes it easy for you to capture address changes for businesses in your database. With NCOALink® (National Change of Address) our full-service license can match your mailing lists against the United States post office (USPS) NCOALink® file, which contains 48 months of permanent address changes.

ECOA® Process:

Stay connected with your existing clients and prospects. Did you know, businesses can lose up to 42% of their customer email database each year? This loss can be attributed to email bounces, change of email addresses or updated service providers. Our ECOA® service lets you connect and reactivate your old customers.

CASSTM Certification Process:

Our CASSTM Certification process helps you to eliminate incomplete addresses and non-deliverable mail. We standardize your address list, update all non-deliverable addresses. So you can be assured that nearly 100% of your mail pieces will be delivered as expected when you cleanse your data with us.

Geo Coding Process:

Our GeoCoding® service will assist you locate and pinpoint your potential clients or prospects based on latitude and longitude coordinates. Once we attain this information, you will be able to better understand the spatial relationships between the location of your customers and other geo data, such as flood zones or electoral boundaries.

Overall benefits to our clients:

  • Reduces campaign costs and efforts
  • Provides highly accurate information
  • Opportunity for faster marketing
  • Territory Management
  • Successful Campaign
  • Market Penetration
  • Target Modeling
  • Market Mapping

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